Getting a microloan or a consumer loan: which one to choose?

Local banks are constantly replenishing the financial services market with new offers. Today one of the most popular financial services is microloan. Such loans involve prompt consideration of applications for the issuance of funds, relatively high interest rates on the loan, as well as small loan amounts.

A microloan is suitable for those who suddenly have urgent expenses, and the budget allocated for a month does not allow them to be implemented. Now you don't have to wait for payday for a long-awaited purchase.

Select the type of lending according to your conditions:

Small amount required right now

For those clients who need a certain amount for a short period, we offer a profitable and fast microloan service. This type of loan helps to get the missing amount within a couple of hours after filling out the application and with a minimum list of required documents. The loan is repaid in a short period, so you do not need to worry about possible penalties and late fees.

An expensive purchase is planned

Now you do not need to save up for years for a large purchase, it is enough to apply to the bank for a classic consumer loan. When choosing this service, you do not need to overpay interest on the loan received, and a comfortable monthly payment will allow you to repay the loan without harming your budget. The lending procedure is absolutely transparent, and you are protected from any "markups" of interest rates, additional commissions and sanctions.

Money is required in a moment!

If you find yourself in a difficult situation when money is urgently needed and there is no time to collect documents and stand in line, then a microloan is the best way to solve a financial problem quickly and conveniently. Within a couple of hours, you will receive the amount you need, without unexpected overpayments and small lines in the contract.

For each specific situation, we have a ready-made solution that will fully meet your expectations and needs.

A microloan is suitable for anyone who:

      · In urgent need of cash

      · Ready for loan overpayment

      · Able to pay off debt within a short period

A consumer loan is intended for those who:

      · Wants to receive a one-time large sum for the purchase of domestic durable goods (furniture, appliances, building materials)

       · Expects long term closing

       · Does not want to overpay for the use of funds

The client himself decides what type of loan is suitable for him personally. And if you have any questions or difficulties, we will help you choose the most optimal option with an individual approach.