Fast loan repayment without commissions and visits to the bank

As statistics show, almost half of borrowers prefer to make loan payments at the bank's office. This type is quite safe, but it takes time, since you need to receive an incoming cash order and stand in line at the cash desk. A quarter of clients make payments through payment services or info kiosks, where they are charged a commission for each operation.

Clients of Ipak Yuli Bank have the opportunity to repay the loan without additional costs and without the need to come to the bank, by choosing the most convenient option. When receiving a loan, you can immediately connect your existing plastic card to the debt collector and upon receipt of the monthly salary, the required amount will be written off from there without commissions. Also, the client can download the mobile application "Ipak Yo'li Mobile" and use it to repay the loan or use the service "6900" to carry out a one-time operation to pay off overdue debt.

If you want to be always aware of how much money you have in your account and carry out various money transactions at a convenient time for you, then the mobile application will be the perfect assistant for you. "Ipak Yo'li Mobile" provides the ability to consolidate all your loans in one system, receive timely notifications of the next payment, view repayment schedule history, display loan balances and much more.

You can make a one-time repayment of debt offline using the 6900 service. To receive an answer on the balance of your loan, send the branch code and your profile number specified in the loan agreement by dialing 6900 on your phone, bank card numbers and expiration date. You can watch a demo video here.

The loan repayment schedule is drawn up initially: when filling out all the papers, just  set the day - usually it is the day of payroll or the next. It should be borne in mind that transactions carried out online outside of business hours are credited the next morning, and payments made on weekends are credited on the next business day. Try to always have a day in reserve so as not to overdue the loan repayment and not to pay extra interest.