Visa Concierge Service

Concierge service with premium Visa cards

Now Visa premium card holders have the opportunity to solve their daily problems quickly and without unnecessary effort. The concierge service is a team of professional assistants who are ready to help you solve any problems 24/7.

What can the Visa Concierge Service do?

The concierge service is able to meet requests of any nature, namely:

Information and advisory requests:

Schedule of planes, trains, and buses.

Reference information about centers and medical institutions.

Currency exchange rates, ATMs, bank branches.

Background information about government and medical institutions, etc.

Contact information of any institution.

Any reference and information requests.

* Selection of options and updating of each of them in the mode: conversation/e-mail/chat-bot.

Background information on Visa Cardholder privileges:

Information about Visa privileges, including discounts, special offers.

Any other information about the cardholder's privileges.

Brief information about the use of Visa emergency services and redirecting customers to the appropriate Visa phone numbers.

Contact information of any institution.

Communication with Visa support lines.

Organizational requests:

Booking, ordering and buying worldwide:

Tickets to cinemas, nightclubs, theaters, as well as concerts, sports events.

Restaurant reservations.

Order and deliver flowers.

Organizing the purchase of tickets/ensuring participation/registering for any event: concerts, trainings, fashion shows, sports competitions, etc.

Ordering food and drinks.

Making orders for goods and services on behalf of the cardholder.

Reminder services: Personalized reminder of all important events: Birthdays, meetings, sports events, doctor’s appointments, water delivery, office supplies, etc. “Alarm Clock” service.


Organization and / or development of special / personal tours and / or tourist routes around the world and other tourist services.

Booking and delivery of air and railway tickets.

Booking and booking of rooms in hotels around the world/accommodation options.

Travel tips.

Organization of transfers.

Development of a tourist route anywhere in the world.

Registration of a tourist insurance policy.

Rent a car.

Ordering the services of a tour guide.

Assistance in case of loss of luggage and support of the entire search process.

Assistance in resolving the issue of compensation for flight delays / cancellations.

Household requests:

Help with the selection of domestic staff.

Search and order cleaning services.

Dry cleaning and other household services.

Emergency opening of locks.

Other services:

Event poster: concerts, sports events, festivals, etc.

Schedule of any entertainment events.

Booking and booking of rooms in hotels of the world/ accommodation options.

Booking places in entertainment complexes and restaurants.

Results of any world events, including sports events.

Suggestions and assistance in organizing any events at the request of the client.

Ideas and ordering gifts.

Order the services of an animator, host, guest star.

Search, purchase and deliver products worldwide on behalf of the customer.

Shopper services from the client.

Any other requests that do not contradict the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as the norms of morality.

For which cards is the service available?

The concierge service is available for holders of Visa Infinite cards issued by «Ipak Yo‘li Bank»

How do I contact the Concierge service?

Telegram Chatbot 

How much does the concierge service cost?

This is a free service for Visa Infinite cardholders. You only pay for goods and services ordered through the service. This service is not available for other cardholders.

What are the limitations of using the concierge service?

You can leave any requests that do not contradict the norms of law and morality. Some tasks may not be possible for reasons beyond the control of the Concierge Service. Then you will be offered an alternative solution.

What is the working schedule of the concierge service?

Our assistants are available 24 hours, 7 days a week.