Online conversion in «Ipak Yo'li Mobile»

One of the most popular functions of «Ipak Yo'li Mobile» mobile app is conversion. This function is available for users who have been identified in the mobile application and who are holders of currency cards (Visa, Mastercard, Unionpay) of «Ipak Yuli Bank».

Online conversion is the purchase or sale of foreign currency (U. S. dollar) in 24/7 mode when using money available on international Visa/Mastercard/Unionpay cards or Uzcard/Humo. To use this function in the application you need to go to the Conversion tab, choose cards for write-off and replenishment. Obligatory - both cards must belong to the same owner, belonging to our bank is optional. When the conversion is made, the client is not charged a commission for the transaction.

The main advantage of the conversion in «Ipak Yo'li Mobile» is a more favorable rate than when carrying out similar operations in the bank. 

If you convert up to $50, you do not need to confirm the transaction with a special SMS code. If a conversion is made for more than $50, the transaction must be confirmed by an SMS code, and if the user has registered his e-mail, the code is also duplicated on the mail. 

Limits for conversion operations in «Ipak Yo'li Mobile»:

Daily up to $ 25,000

We also remind that Visa and Humo virtual cards for identified users are being opened immediately without commissions in «Ipak Yo'li Mobile».

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