How to pay for study abroad or rent of a house by the sea?

To pay for the services of foreign companies, use a bank transfer at the Ipak Yuli bank. This transfer is carried out using the SWIFT system, from your current account to the beneficiary's account opened in any bank in a foreign country.

If you or your child enrolled in a university that is located abroad (Korea, Czech Republic, Latvia, Russia, etc.), then you have a contract for which you need to make a payment.

Bank "Ipak Yuli" offers its services for the payment of the contract, through a bank wire transfer of funds in the currency of the contract (for example, in rubles - if you enter the Moscow State University).

To pay for the contract, it is necessary for the person who is a party to the contract to come to the bank, provide the contract itself and the invoice for payment, money in euros, pounds, sum and his passport.

The money brought in will be converted into the currency of the contract and no later than three working days the funds will be credited to the account of the educational institution. Service cost - 367 500 sum.

In addition to tuition fees, the bank conducts non-trading funds:

1. Education-related:

a. Application fee

b. Registration (Registration fee)

c. Preparation fee

d. Payment for participation in training seminars / sports competitions / forums / cultural events

e. Payment to the migration service, which registers the student in the host country.

f. Payment for campus (hostel)

2. Payment for hotel services / travel services according to invoices or other type of document:

a. Payment to travel agents (travel agencies) for tourism

b. Consular fees 

c. Immigration services / visa

3. Payment for employment

a. "Work and travel"

b. Exchange programs / internships / trainings / tests / seminars (IELTS)

4. Payment for treatment

a. For medical examination / therapy (for example - Karlovy Vary) / Operations / Nursing / for calling an ambulance.

5. Payment of fines abroad