A car is no longer a luxury!

Loans for the purchase of a car, which are a common phenomenon all over the world, have managed to come into use in Uzbekistan as well. A car makes life a lot easier, is often necessary for the job, and is a good investment. The purchase of a car is associated with serious expenses from the family budget, and few people manage to accumulate an impressive amount. But why save up when you can use a car loan from Ipak Yuli Bank and become a motorist here and now?

A car is not a luxury, and is no longer only a means of transportation, but a real assistant in solving routine issues at work and in the family. Let's list the life situations when taking a loan to buy a new car is the best way out:

    • Your new job requires to have a personal car.

    • The new position obliges you to drive a more prestigious vehicle to confirm your status.

    • You urgently need to buy a car instead of the old one, which you suddenly lost.

   • The circumstances in the family require you to keep up with and deliver the children to schools and sections, and go about your business

    • Your new home is away from work, and you need a car to be on time.

Life sometimes sets its own conditions, but we are ready to help you in any situation. There are auto loans in almost every bank in Uzbekistan, but it is in the Ipak Yuli bank that you can get the required amount in 24 hours without hassle and bureaucratic red tape!

The requirements are very simple. In order to get a loan, you must:

    • Be over 18 years old, which is logical, since you also need to be an adult to drive a car.

    • Be a citizen of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The list of documents required for obtaining a loan has also been minimized, now only the applicant's passport (or other identity document) is needed to geta loan.

Have you been approved for a loan? Congratulations! Now you will need to pay 36% of the value of the purchased car as a down payment.

After you have obtained the ownership of the car, you must insure the car within ten days and put the car as a pledge (a notarized transaction is required).

Become the owner of your dream car with Ipak Yuli Bank!