What currencies does the bank exchange?

The bank exchanges the following currencies:

- USD US dollars

- EUR Euro

- GBP Pound Sterling

- CHF Swiss Franc

- RUB Russian rubles *

- JPY Japanese Yen

* only in non-cash form

Currency exchange operations are carried out through:

- currency exchange offices;

- mobile bank.

In exchange offices, when selling foreign currency in cash to an individual over 500 BE (over 111 million sum), an identity document is required. When buying foreign currency, an identity document is required regardless of the size of the transaction.

Currency exchange in a non-cash form is available in the mobile application and its web version, for which a bank card and an international payment card must be opened in the name of a resident individual.

The following operations can be carried out at the currency exchange office:

- purchase from individuals of cash foreign currency for cash in national currency;

- sale of foreign currency in cash to individuals - non-residents;

- exchange of foreign currency on international payment cards of individuals for national currency;

- withdrawing cash from international payment cards of individuals at the request of the client in national or foreign currency;

- acceptance for collection from individuals of foreign currency unsuitable for circulation;

- acceptance for examination from individuals of foreign currency, the authenticity of which is in doubt;

- change and exchange for larger bills of foreign currency of individuals in the same foreign currency;

- exchange of a damaged banknote of individuals for an undamaged banknote of this type;

- exchange of cash currency of one foreign state by individuals for cash currency of another foreign state (hereinafter - conversion operations);

- acceptance at the customs border of the Republic of Uzbekistan of customs payments and fees established by law.

At the currency exchange office, the purchase of foreign currency from individuals is carried out in an unlimited amount.

Non-residents can purchase foreign currency in the amount of:

- sold currency (ATM check or exchange office form 09002 is provided)

- income received (a certificate of income issued by the employer is provided).