What opportunities does a bank card open for children?

If you want to instill in your child a competent approach to money and unobtrusively monitor expenses at the stage of his first independent purchases, then the best solution would be to open a bank card for children.

When using such a card, children learn to independently plan their expenses, since there will be a certain limit on the account, which the parents set themselves. Today, almost all services and goods can be purchased by bank transfer and therefore the child will not need to carry cash with him, which is often lost, torn, and in some cases taken away.

Since the card is linked to the parents' account, they are always aware of what the money was spent on, and when you connect certain services, you can control costs in real time and block the card in time, for example, if it is stolen or lost. Another plus is quick financial assistance in case of emergency.

Teaching your child financial literacy from childhood, you invest in his future successful life, because he will understand how to manage his expenses and perfectly understand the interaction of payment systems.

In "Ipak Yuli" bank cards are issued for children aged 12 to 16 years. To get it you need:

1. Apply for HUMO card at any branch of the bank, providing your own passport and child's birth certificate.

2. Install the "Ipak Yo'li Mobile" application on your phone and your child's phone with further registration and card attachment.

3. Authorize the mobile application with your operator.

4. Load money to account using a mobile application or using an ATM of the bank "Ipak Yuli" (you can find the nearest ATM via website or a mobile application)

You can track the purchases or transfers of your child through the mobile application in the "History" section.

Open up new financial opportunities for yourself and your child!