If you are going to abroad

If you are going to fly abroad, then this article will be useful for you

When we are away from home, we always feel some fear and discomfort, expecting any trouble on the trip. Often we are faced with a language barrier, a difference in culture and customs, we are forced to make payments in a foreign currency, with foreign exchange rates that are unfamiliar to us. Sometimes it is difficult to understand whether goods and services are expensive, since it is difficult to immediately get used to the exchange rate of the local currency against the sum or the dollar. Also, we are always worried about the safety of our passport, money and are afraid of losing our children.

Despite this, we are happy to plan our vacation or business trip abroad for the new emotions.

We want to share a few tips when planning your trip.

1. Take your smartphone on a trip and install useful programs in it in advance: translator, taxi order, exchange rates, cards, LoungeKey and VISA Explore applications. It is not necessary and expensive to have a SIM card with international roaming. Every modern city has free wi-fi networks or SIM cards that cost from $ 3 to $ 25.

To select the desired program, go to the Google search engine and type, for example, "popular taxi in Georgia". Not everywhere Uber and Yandex.Taxi are the best providers, although they have their presence in almost every country. The LoungeKey service is required to quickly find the nearest business lounge (restroom) at airports, which can be used free of charge (further described as).

2. Check the validity period of your passport and exit visa (both your own and those who will accompany you). If the expiration date of the passport or sticker is less than six months, apply for a new passport.

3. Make sure you need an entry visa in the host country. Uzbeks can visit 25 countries without visas, as well as receive a visa upon arrival in 75 countries.

4. To ensure the safety of your funds, safe use of money, as well as in order to replenish your wallet with money (in case of excessive use), you need to have an international bank card. The bank issues many cards with different purposes, which differ in budget and in additional services.

If you have no other preferences, we recommend getting a Visa Platinum Black card for three reasons: first, upon receipt of the card, you will be provided with a UnionPay card for free (and this is a powerful payment instrument with various promotions and discounts in more than 200 countries of the world), second - when traveling, you can use the services inherent only for Platinum and Infinite cards (for example, you will receive free access to business lounges at 1000 airports, insurance and much more), thirdly - in the bank "Ipak Yuli" you will be provided with an inquiry to the embassy and use safe deposit box free of charge. Visa Platinum card is issued within no more than one day;

5. If you already have a card - make sure that its validity period is not expired, you know the PIN-code. You can change the PIN code to a more convenient one at any bank ATM that serves Visa / UnionPay cards.

6. Please use Agoda.com or Hotels.com for hotel reservations. These services offer hundreds of thousands of booking options in more than 200 countries around the world, from international all-inclusive hotel chains to mini hotels, and provide all the information you need to find the perfect option. Travelers can book online or call one of the multilingual 24-hour call centers. Customers can also install a special application for a smartphone or tablet, which allows them to use any of the 20 thousand last-minute offers at any time.

When booking with a Visa Hotels.com card, you will receive an 8% discount on the booking price (limited to 12/31/2019), as well as a 12% discount when booking with an Agoda.com premium card.

Information about the ongoing promotions of the international payment systems Visa, UnionPay, can be obtained by following the link: Visa and UnionPay

7. If you need an entry visa to the host country, you will need a bank statement on the balance of funds in your bank accounts or card. It must meet the requirements of the embassy (it must be printed on a special form and must be in English). For this purpose, contact any branch of the bank and ask for an inquiry of the balance of your card. If there is no money on the card, replenish the card with money at the ATM (the ATM is located right in front of the bank branches) and then make your request. The cost of the an inquiry is 20200 sum. An inquiry is issued within a few hours.

8. To manage cards, buy currency, transfer funds from one card to another, you will need a banking mobile application. At the time of receiving a bank payment card or an inquiry to the embassy, download it to your smartphone, register and then ask the bank employee to authorize you. The mobile application will help you manage your finances wherever there is Internet. You will receive notifications about deposits and withdrawals in the form of Push notifications. If you lose your card, you can quickly block it. You can also set up 3d secure service for additional protection. After logging in, make sure that you are shown all your cards and accounts. Uzcard / Humo cards need to be attached manually and this does not need to be postponed until the last day.

9. If you are worried about the safety of your valuables at the time of your absence - deposit your valuables in the bank. The cost of the service is from 18000 sum to 42000 sum, depending on the size. For Visa Platinum holders, the rental of cells is free of charge. Not all branches of the bank have deposit boxes, but all branches that have boxes will be accepted free of charge, even if you are in another branch.

10. The day before departure: buy dollars on your card using a mobile application or load your card in cash at any bank ATM (you can find the nearest ATM via website or a mobile application). Make sure you know the PIN code of the card at the ATM.

11. At the airport before departure: withdraw $ 100 from the card in cash, for pocket money (for example, when entering the country, an entry visa is sold only for cash). Withdrawals from cards issued by Ipak Yuli Bank in its own ATM network are free of charge (such ATMs are installed at the Islam Krimov Tashkent International Airport in the arrival and departure halls).

12. When paying at the box office of retail chains - pay attention to the presence of advertisements about the availability of discounts when paying with certain types of cards, where you can get additional privileges from payment systems.

We wish you pleasant travels with Ipak Yuli Bank!